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AYURVEDA HERBAL HAIR Mask Powder 3 oz | Organic Herbal Hair Mask

AYURVEDA HERBAL HAIR Mask Powder 3 oz | Organic Herbal Hair Mask

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Ayurvedic Herbal Mask Powder. Made from magical herbs of ayurveda.

Shikakai (Acacia Concinna).
Shikakai is great source of essential vitamins. Its vitamin c content, especially helps promote hair growth. Shikakai also have antifungal properties to help curb dandruff. It add shine to hair. It also prevent lice. It is one of the Ayurvedic medicinal plants traditionally used as a shampoo. Shikakai not only cleanses the hair but brings life back in your hair with natural conditioning.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)
Amla is a natural coolant. It is great to fix pitta conditions, which reduces graying. Amala fights against all the hair weakening factors and thicken hair. It prevent dryness and helps restoring moisture. It remove dead cells. The essential fatty acid present in amla strengthen hair follicles and add luster to the hair.

Indian gooseberry is the key ingredient for all hair related problems in Ayurveda. It's full of vitamin C. Being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, prevents scalp conditions from being aggravated.

Reetha (Soap nut)
Sapindus, Soap Berries, has been used historically used for washing by ancient Asian people and Native Americans.
It does not allow dandruff, lice or any kind of hair infections. Reetha makes hair softer naturally.

Hibiscus is one of the most renowned herbs, rich in amino acids that nourish your hair strengthen the roots also used for hair growth, stimulate hair growth. It not only helps to prevent split ends but helps to put a stop to hair fall, encourage regrowth, and prevent premature graying. It is rich in vitamin c that boost collagen that boost collagen ( the amino acid chain that gives your hair its strength ) production, insuring healthy hair growth.

Neem is a large-sized evergreen tree in India. The name neem comes from sanskrit word 'nimba', which means sprinkler of nectar.
With extraordinary high level of antioxidants - lot more than those found in blueberries or spinach - Neem protects the scalp skin from ongoing damage that is caused by free radicals. Neem oil contains several fatty acids - such as linoleic, oleic and steric acids - that conditions scalp and hair.
Neem products are believed by Ayurvedic practitioners to be anthelmintic, antifungal, antidiabetic, antibacterial, and antiviral.
Helps to soothe frizz, minimize grays, reduce dandruff, and treat head lice.


Organic Shikakai, Organic Amala, Organic Reetha, Methi, Organic Neem, Organic Hibiscus and Organic Mahabhringraj, Organic Bramhi

How to use

★ Mix 1 tablespoon ayurvedic powder with water or yogurt. mix until it become smooth paste.
★ Apply mixture on your scalp and hair. Keep this mask on for 30 to 45 mins Rinse hair thoroughly using mild shampoo.
★ Incase long hair you can add more powder to make mixture.

Handmade in small batch to maintain the consistency and quality.
100% all natural, no fragrances, only essential oils.
Discontinue use If Irritation or Itchiness occurs. Store in a dark dry place.
⚠️NUT ALLERGY: Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts or Tree Nuts.

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